Reference Methods for Translators

What are the reference methods for translators?

Positive references, either written or electronic, will have a positive and incredible impact on both creating professional relationships based on trust and acquiring new customers. Of course, these references should be taken carefully and meticulously.

What does the reference do in the translation industry?

References are a kind of "social proof" tools. The person who wants to make the right decision in a particular situation, acquires information or makes a decision about the other person on the basis of this social proof reference. According to the researches, 90% of individuals stated that reading positive comments about the product they will purchase is effective in their purchasing decisions.

The positive reference you have will expand your customer circle.

If we think of the work that you translators market as a product, your customers who want to get a job will have positive comments about you, which will ultimately affect whether they will work with you. Even if they have decided to work with you, the positive comments they hear or read about you will help build a trusting professional relationship between you.

Briefly, the reference you get from reliable or reputable sources provides some evidence of the services you offer. Therefore, you should consider the opinions of your potential customers about you or the company you work with. For example, you can prove your reliability by adding a “references” section to your website or advertising tools.

How to get a reference and how to use it

There are many ways to use the references you get:

  • On your website or flyer, brochure etc. in the form of written texts that you can include in your advertising and promotional tools,
  • Written text format that you will write from the mouth of a busy customer who will never spare time for this (of course, with the approval of the customer you work with),
  • Again, in a text format that is subject to your client's approval (for example, you can reorganize a thank-you note that your client has sent to you - by adding projects you have worked with after client approval),
  • Your customers' comments about you on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn
  • In the form of audio or video files, etc. from your customer that give you satisfaction regarding the work you do for them.

Attention: Always seek approval for reference and / or use!

Before taking the reference and using the reference you have received, you should definitely get approval from the customer you work with. Of course, your customer thanked you for the work you did, but it is a delicate job to take references and share or publish these references publicly. Therefore, be sure to obtain confirmation from your customer before using this reference before and after receiving it.